iLetter Release Notes for iLetter v1

iLetter v1 Status

iLetter v1 is no longer being developed, but the download of iLetter v1.12.2 (final version) will remain available.

Changes in 1.12.2

Version 1.12.2 has a fix, only needed by those users of Safari 10 or later, for an issue which prevents the user from re-ordering of tabs and mailboxes by using drag and drop. This was caused by changes inside Safari.

Changes in 1.12.1

Version 1.12.1 has a fix, only needed by High Sierra users, for a bug which may prevent mails being deleted from the mail server, where you have configured your account to have them deleted immediately after download.

If you experience this problem, it may be fixed by running 1.12.1, or alternatively, if you adopt the following procedure, stay with version 1.12:

  1. Bring up the iLetter Preferences and select the "Accounts Extras" panel.
  2. For each account that you have that is set for "Delete immediately", change it to "Delete after n days", and save that change. Then change it back to "Delete immediately" and save that change. Be sure to do this sequence without leaving the "Accounts Extras" panel.
  3. Repeat the above sequence for each email account that you have.

Doing the above will ensure that the running version of iLetter has good values, and also your Settings file on disk.

Changes in 1.12

Version 1.12 is a release to accomodate changes in OS X High Sierra. There are no other changes to iLetter itself. Version 1.12 will also work with previous versions of OS X.

Changes in 1.11

A few more bug fixes, minor improvements, and compatibility changes.

Changes in 1.10.3

A few more bug fixes and minor improvements.

Changes in 1.10.2

A few more bug fixes.

Changes in 1.10.1

Mostly bug fixes and work-arounds this time.

Changes in 1.10

Changes in 1.9.7

Two new features and some minor bug fixes. Note that, because a database schema has been changed, you can't revert to 1.9.6 once you have moved to this version.

Changes in 1.9.6

Bug fixes and minor improvements only, no new features.

Changes in 1.9.5

Changes in 1.9.4

Bug fixes only, no new features.

Changes in 1.9.3

Changes in 1.9.2

Changes in 1.9.1

Changes in 1.9

Changes in 1.8.10

Changes in 1.8.9

Changes in 1.8.8

Mostly bug fixes.

Changes in 1.8.7

Changes in 1.8.6

Changes in 1.8.5

Changes in 1.8.4

This release is mostly bug fixes.

Changes in 1.8.3

New feature: you can limit the size of a mailbox (in terms of the number of emails it contains) to a fixed amount on a per-mailbox basis. This can be activated by right-clicking on the mailbox in the mailbox pane. This can be useful for example if you are on a mailing list and filter list mails to a particular mailbox.

Bug fixes:

Changes in

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