iLetter Performance and Caveats


I follow one or two mailing lists and filter their mails into specific mailboxes. At the moment I've got two or three mailboxes with eight to ten thousand mails in. Switching to such a mailbox takes a few seconds, but that's all (on a 2011 Mac Mini). With Eudora on an early-Millenium PC I typically had over 40k messages in the Trash with no discernable impact on performance, but at least part of that will be due to the fact that Eudora was always compiled code, whereas iLetter's code is PHP and JavaScript - interpreted.

For Windows 7, I run that in a virtual machine; it seems slow, but that may be due to insufficient memory allocated to the VM. However, switching to use Chrome has made it rather faster.


I've been using iLetter exclusively for my mail for over six years. The features it contains reflect my preferences and it has not had wide testing. In particular note the following:

But, having said the above, it should be noted that Emailchemy can be used as an intermediary in the matter of import/export. In particular it can reconnect attachments to mails in Eudora mailboxes, and iLetter will then handle the attachments normally on import. Because Emailchemy can do this job already, I see no point in doing more than I've done on this issue.

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