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iLetter: what is it?

iLetter is an e-mail client for macOS (Yosemite and later) and Windows (Win7 and Win10) which provides the usual features of a POP3 e-mail client, including downloading, creating and sending mail, a mailbox hierarchy, import/export, filters, searching, spam handling, address-book, and attachment handling. Versions for Linux and the Raspberry Pi are also available.

Although iLetter is a POP3 client, you can configure it to leave mail on the server after downloading it; this means you can download mail to more than one device, giving some of the advantages of an IMAP client.

iLetter: what does it look like?

The look of the application is based on Eudora V7 for Windows, with toolbars and so on docked. Tabs are used to switch between mailboxes and e-mails that are open. That way if I am looking at three mails, and composing four others, I don't have seven or eight windows open.

To install iLetter, just put the application into your system's main applications folder and run it from there. In this case iLetter will expect to find (or create) its data folder (iLetterData) in the user's Documents folder.

To start iLetter, double-click on its application icon and wait for the window to appear and be complete.

Alternatively, the iLetter application and the iLetterData folder can be in the same folder, but then this should not your system's main Applications folder, but anywhere on your user disks or folders (or even onto a USB thumb-drive, if you want. It'll work from there).

There is a manual, too; when you download the application you also get the User Guide.

iLetter: what can it do?

In addition to the standard e-mail client features listed above, the following set of Eudora-like features has been implemented:

Other features:

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